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©Les Nivaux, USCAN Roswell, field. Series of 6 photographs

U -Scan


Roswell, nothing to see, everything to imagine


©Les Nivaux, scanning session at the site of the so-called Roswell crash

roswell scan_1215.JPG

©Les Nivaux, Scan session in the famous hangar where the debris of the spaceship and the extra-terrestrial bodies were stored.

From the USA they came back with the UScan series.

UScan is the perfect reflection of the life of Les Nivaux.  They left for the USA, without a real idea  predefined, but convinced that it would emerge  also different scanner work, just  trust and be guided by their  feelings, on board their truck equipped with an on-board digital studio.

And there the questions fuse: What  that makes us go to the USA and that we want  cross the Golden Gate? Make a road  trip on route 66? Or take a detour  more than 500 km to reach Roswell in New Mexico, in search of the truth  on the existence or not of extraterrestrials?

During this trip, they did not hesitate to experiment and push the limits of their scanner tool. For the first time, they turned it glass against the ground of Roswell or against the asphalt of Route 66.  They then take a new look at our world. And they heckle photography, its practice and its mode of exhibition. The beginnings of the Cross the Scan series are there. 

The  Levels become those who touched  with their scanner, all these places and  collecting "scanphotographic" fragments  ".

The most moving scan session is of course S21 but the most unusual to date is Roswell! Nothing to see, everything to experience and imagine. After the visit at the UFO Museum, in which there is a crazy world, we wanted more on this UFO story that has circumnavigated the globe in 1947. After 2 days, we had finally unearthed the GPS points of the UFO crash and obtained permission to enter in the hangar where possible extraterrestrials and debris of the vessel were stored. And here are 2 news scan sessions in anticipation! One in the middle of one company that recycles American Airlines planes and the other in the middle of a ranch lost at the end of atrack. » The Levels

©Les Nivaux, USCAN Roswell, Hangar #1

©Les Nivaux, USCAN Roswell, Hangar #1. Photograph 2x0.80m


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