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A couple of French artists, they work and live near Paris, when they are not traveling to the other side of the world!

Very early on, they pooled their plastic expressions around a tool: the scanner.

Pascale questioned Nature and culture through ephemeral plant sculptures and a very personal drawing practice.

Thierry was already practicing more conceptual photography, and without a camera, as in his series “The Photographic Apple or the Original Sin Revisited by the Apple!”  


That's probably why they swapped their camera for a scanner!

L es Nivaux use the scanner, from every angle and in multiple environments! After being introduced to the practice of the scanner in their workshop, they decided in 2010 to embark on a “scannophotographic” world tour. Like the photographic expeditions of the 19th century, they travel aboard a vehicle specially converted into an on-board photo studio.

In Africa, they invite people they meet to put their hands directly on the glass plate of the scanner. In the USA, they have the idea to return it this time the glass plate directly on the bitumen of route 66 or on the lands of Roswell. They are also experimenting with the hand scanner on the pillars of the Golden Gate in San Francisco.

In Cambodia, they get permission to scan the entire floor of a torture chamber...

And more recently, in Washington, after months of negotiations with the American authorities, they are authorized to scan on the forecourt of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, in the footsteps of Martin Luther King's famous speech.

Monument valley2.jpg
hand to hand - expo.jpg

EXHIBITIONS  (selection)

2020 #STOPURGENCE Underground Art Festival, Palais des Congrès Montreal

2018 Cross the Scan Abbey road , Avignon Contemporary Art Festival

2017 Cross the Scan S21 , Nuit Blanche Paris, Historical Library of the City of Paris

2016 Cross the Scan - Abbey road , Nuit Blanche Paris, Center Pompidou

Exhibition at Vallette Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

2014 Month of Photography, Paris, The Fourth Image, Espace des Blancs Manteaux

2012 Personal exhibition Recycled/ Sublimated in Saint-Junien (France) Photographic Routes in Limousin.  

2011 Solo exhibition Recycled/ Sublimated  at the Center Iris Gallery, Paris

The Photographic Apple  at the International Meetings of Pinhole Photography, Le Bourget.

Hand to Hand , Rain Festival, Normandy.

The Photographic Apple Barcelona.

Revelation 5, Contemporary Photography Fair, Paris.

2010 Personal exhibition, "Vegetable feeling", Galerie OVDM Paris.

2009 Environmental Image Festival, screenings during the International Photography Meetings in Arles.

2008 Manifesto, Image Festival, Toulouse

2007 Montrouge Contemporary Art Fair (France).

1986 Trans-positive negative L'Espace des Halles de Paris

1984 Electra, Museum of Modern Art in Paris


2011 Recycled/Sublimated, Center Iris

2001 The Photographic Apple, or the Original Sin revisited by the apple, text by the philosopher Alain Lambert

1986 Trans-positive negative: Collective, Hervé Abbadie, Bruno Brusa, Jean-Claude Moineau, Thierry Nivaux, Curator: Jean-Luc Monterosso


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