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©Les Nivaux, UScan Golden Gate #3#45#87#107#11#17 Installation of 6 photographs pasted on dibond 2.50x2.20m

U -Scan

golden gate

©LesNivaux- UScan-in SanFrancisco Golden

©Les Nivaux, scanning session on the Golden Gate bridge, San Francisco

©Les Nivaux, La Quatrième Image, les Blancs Manteaux Paris

©Les Nivaux, Festival la Quatrième Image, in Blancs Manteaux Paris

©LesNivaux- exposition -KualaLumpur-Gold

Photographing is a distancing, scanning is a contact.

It is in California that artists begin to question all these mythical places that attract tourists from all over the world. 

What makes we want to visit the USA and we want  cross the Golden Gate? or make a road trip on route 66, for example? 

Les Nivaux explain it by the fact that we are all imbued with  same photographic images and  television, and ultimately a story  common. The Golden Gate is one of those places because it is the emblem of San Francisco and we have seen it X times in American soap operas...

In San Francisco, they used a handheld scanner on the Golden Gate pillars. 

In  scanning, they touch and restore at most

close to the quintessence of the subject. Without aesthetics,  without manipulation or perspective  optical, their images give back to the real force  and authenticity. If there is an aesthetic, it can only come  from subject.

The photograph is not there to represent the Golden Gate but to make us feel it.

Photographing is a bet  remotely, scanner is a connection.

Each scan is printed at scale 1, laminated on an aluminum plate and exposed in series.


©Les Nivaux, Vallette gallery Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2016


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