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CROSS THE SCAN - ABBEY ROAD - in Paris, during the french art event Nuit Blanche

September 30, 2016

A truly accessible work which encourages public participation and introspection, Cross the Scan/ Abbey Road revolutionises the way the public sees art work and that of digitalisation. For Nuit Blanche, it offers the Parisian public a work on which to walk across, to allow freedom of expression, to encourage openness by sharing and exploring, making those who encounter it both actor, creator and broadcaster.

Cross the Scan is really all about bringing Abbey Road alive to various corners of the globe. In fact, Nuit Blanche is just the first of many stops for this creation. By transferring a famous part of modern culture to a scanner, Les Nivaux enable us to follow in the steps of collective history by reactivating this common DNA that binds us all together.

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CROSS THE SCAN - ABBEY ROAD - Scan shot, in full London traffic !

April 03, 2015

For two nights, they maneuvered their scanner, glass against the asphalt and scanned, piece by piece, the entire Abbey Road crossing. Afterwards came the monumental task of putting together a total of 420 scans in order to create an image of 30 GB (the equivalent of 1500 cameras all together) and 8,30 X 4,02m in size. The scanner, equipped with its infinite capabilities, is able to bring a tactile dimension to its interpretation of photography and captures the slightest detail in the object’s material with mind boggling precision. The result? The artist has an image that, on a scale of 1 to 1, is an exact photo-replica of the original pedestrian crossing.

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