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©Les Nivaux, Cross the Scan - Abbey road during Nuit Blanche Paris 2016, hosted by the  Centre Pompidou, National museum of modern art.

Cross the Scan is really all about bringing Abbey Road alive to various corners of the globe.


Press release Nuit Blanche Paris 2016

Copy/Paste: London’s well known Abbey Road crosswalk, made famous by the Beatles, in many places of the world. This is the courageous gamble being undertaken by Les Nivaux (The nivaux), a pair of traveling artists who’ve spent more than 5 years turning their A3 scanner to the ground, literally! Scanning legendary places throughout the globe and “phototransporting” them to faraway destinations; they’ve started a groundbreaking concept that, until recently, was unheard of in the world of photography !

Their art work Cross the Scan / Abbey Road, aims to create the famous pedestrian crossing on an original scale with replica positioning and dimensions. The public is invited to walk on their creation following in the footsteps of the Beatles, creating their own experience as well as immortalising, photographing and sharing it, as is so often the case with many a fan in London.


The work’s creation was truly a performance in its own right having taken over two nights of intense work on Abbey Road comprising 420 scans, 75 hours of setting up and a file size of 30 GB in able to recreate this monumental work that measures more than 32m2. Calling into question   what hyperpresence means in the world of photography, Cross the Scan -Abbey Road also raises fundamental questions regarding social phenome nons,   such as the concept of Fan attitude and places that have become meccas of global proportions. Les Nivaux have tried to make use of prominent contemporary art as a medium in which to raise social awareness and philosophy whilst making use of modern technology, collective history and harnessing new attitudes to achieve these aims.

A truly accessible work which encourages public participation and introspection, Cross the Scan - Abbey Road revolutionises the way the public sees art work and that of digitalisation. It offers the public a work on 

which to walk across, to allow freedom of expression, to encourage openness by sharing and exploring, making those who encounter it both actor, creator and broadcaster.

Cross the Scan is really all about bringing Abbey Road alive to various 

corners of the globe. Nuit Blanche Paris was the first of many stops for this  creation. By transferring a famous part of modern culture to a scanner, Les Nivaux enable us to follow in the steps of collective history by reactivating this common DNA that binds us all together.

©Les Nivaux, scan shot in  Abbey road London.


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