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The artists call into question what the idea of what reality might be defined as in a society 

where everything is going virtual. By scanning, they’re able to touch and accurately recreate the smallest detail of an object without the use of any aesthetics, modifications or optical perspectives, their images producing real energy and authenticity. Whereas the very nature of photography forces one to move away from the object, scanning enables one to get up close and personal. With a scanner, any aesthetic praise can only be attributed to the object itself. Stuck to the screen and scanned to light, each mm2 is reproduced in high definition with surgical precision. Without pixilation,

some of the images can be enormous, ranging anywhere from 4 to 8m in size. The images can be appreciated from a distance as well as close up which contributes to what Les Nivaux term hyperpresence in their work. By using a scanner, they’ve innovated an entire new way of doing things in the field of photography, presenting a new conceptual

outlook. Moreover, their work doesn’t stop in the world of photography, as in the case of Scan

Abbey Road which is now in exhibition form : glued to the ground with precisely replicated

dimensions and orientations and open to the public. And with that, a new scene opens ....

« By scanning the world, its mythical places and its history, we take fragments of reality and let them flourish elsewhere. And that’s where photoportation comes in. »

Les Nivaux


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